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|What a Mom Wants| Sentimental Silver Sparkle Bar

I’ve been DYING to show these off on my blog ever since I photographed them for Christi at Sentimental Silver in July, but I promised to wait until she announced them on her site – which she finally did, so now I can share too!

Aren’t they just the coolest? She has them on an introductory sale right now, so visit Sentimental Silver at and buy yourself (or someone else!) something special!

Mommy Jewelry Sentimental Silver

4 thoughts on “|What a Mom Wants| Sentimental Silver Sparkle Bar

  1. Awesome, awesome and going to check them out now. What a sweet gift.

  2. Those are so adorable. Love ’em. Great product shots too!

  3. These are so cool! I bet they will sell real well. Great product shot.

  4. Love them. How gorgeous.

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