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spiral lined personalized notebook shutterfly

Overview I will admit, I shudder when I hear the words “” – I have visions of photo novelty products, such as mouse pads, woven blankets and cheap acrylic mugs floating through my head.  However, I am not naive and I know that Shutterfly is VERY popular with consumers because of the wide variety of…

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Mpix print lab comparison

Overview is the online consumer print lab I generally recommend to my clients for printing the files that they purchase from my studio. Mpix lab offers a nice variety of products and a few options and services not typically found at other consumer labs. Their mounting and lustre coating options are a real benefit…

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Costco Photo Center – Consumer print lab review

Overview I have a love/hate relationship with Costco print labs. For the most part, I love them and recommend them, but I do so with one MAJOR caveat: NOT ALL COSTCO PRINT LABS ARE CREATED EQUAL.  In all honesty, this is a disclaimer than can apply to ANY print lab, but since I do, in…

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Walmart – Photo Center Review

walmart print comparison review

I received a text from my friend around 10:30am on Thursday morning: “Can u print the pix from our session for J’s parents? They leave tomorrow to go home” I responded in the affirmative and she asked for me to send them to Wal-mart for the sake of time and convenience. Normally I’d tell her…

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