Adapting a Scrapbook Sketch for More Photos

Creative Life Scrapbooking Summer Blog Hop Welcome to the Summer CLS blog hop! I hope you are enjoying the projects and ideas the team is sharing! I will be sharing ideas on how to adapt a scrapbook sketch to accommodate more photos and at the end of the article, you will see the links to […]

Creative Life Scrapbooking Spring Blog Hop – S’more Memories

Hello! Welcome to my contribution to the Creative Life Scrapbooking Spring Blog Hop. What is a blog hop? A blog hop is a series of posts from various blog owners all linked to each other. You likely just arrived to this page after visiting Krista’s blog and at the bottom of this post you will […]

Creative Memories Beneath The Pines Scrapbook Borders

Creative Life Scrapbooking Blog Hop I am so excited to be taking part in my first Creative Life Scrapbooking blog hop! I’ve created three simple scrapbook borders from Creative Memories‘ newest collection, Beneath The Pines. Living in the Pacific Northwest, this collection is a MUST HAVE for me and I really enjoyed playing with papers, […] Review – Consumer Print Lab Comparison

Overview I will admit, I shudder when I hear the words “” – I have visions of photo novelty products, such as mouse pads, woven blankets and cheap acrylic mugs floating through my head.  However, I am not naive and I know that Shutterfly is VERY popular with consumers because of the wide variety of […] Consumer Print Lab Review

Overview is the online consumer print lab I generally recommend to my clients for printing the files that they purchase from my studio. Mpix lab offers a nice variety of products and a few options and services not typically found at other consumer labs. Their mounting and lustre coating options are a real benefit […]

Costco Photo Center – Consumer print lab review

Overview I have a love/hate relationship with Costco print labs. For the most part, I love them and recommend them, but I do so with one MAJOR caveat: NOT ALL COSTCO PRINT LABS ARE CREATED EQUAL.  In all honesty, this is a disclaimer than can apply to ANY print lab, but since I do, in […]

Friday Favorites Week 1 – Grandma’s Bowls

Project Inspiration I’ve had a project idea floating around in the back of my mind for the past year or so. I am not sure what spurred the idea – perhaps a it was the 52-week photo projects I see periodically shared on Facebook or Instagram.  Whatever the inspiration may be, my ultimate goal is […]

Walmart – Photo Center Review

I received a text from my friend around 10:30am on Thursday morning: “Can u print the pix from our session for J’s parents? They leave tomorrow to go home” I responded in the affirmative and she asked for me to send them to Wal-mart for the sake of time and convenience. Normally I’d tell her […]

Wall Portrait Displays: Size Matters!

Part 2 in a three part series on how to create a beautiful wall portrait gallery in your home. Do not forget to read Part 1 with ideas on the perfect location? The number one mistake people make when creating a wall portrait display is choosing the wrong of portraits to display – they select […]

The Printed Project: DecoPrints by Snapfish

I signed up for Snapfish in September 2012 to test out their printing services – mostly to see how crappy they would print my professionally edited/calibrated portraits (more on that topic at another time).  I did send in some personal snapshots, however, and they actually came back looking okay! But, long story short – I […]